STRATEGO Tournament Basel Switzerland

29th of June 2019 – Save the date !!!I

The organisers Sébastien Crot (Napoleon 2ème) and John Haefele (Jesus_Saves) are inviting you to the first live Stratego tournament ever in Basel (CH)! The tournament is supported by EGC’s arbiter Mark Kunin. This is the address:

Congress Center Chrischona

Chrischonarain 200

4126 Bettingen Switzerland

Cost of participation : EUR / CHF 10.- / person

Travel :

Air: Euroairport Basel (Easyjet) or Zuerich Airport

Train: Basel (Badischer Bahnhof)

Car: (make sure you exit on German side Weil am Rhein) else you would have to pay CHF 40.- for using the Swiss Highways.

Pickup service can be organized from Basel Airport and Basel train station (contact John for details)

Stratego World Championships 2019

The date and venue for the World Championships are now confirmed!

They will take place in Sheffield, England.

The event will be from 22/08/19 until 25/08/19 at the Hilton Hotel, Victoria Quays, Sheffield, England.

Official Invitation coming soon. 


Open Tournament Flanders meets criteria

Twelve players participated in the Open Flanders Tournament. This means that it has met the Grand Prix criteria for next year. There where seven players from Flanders, and five from the Netherlands. Martijn Malinka won the tournament. He remained undefeated by winning all his games. Local player Philippe Bergiers, who is also the current defending Grand Prix champion, became third. This is the top 3:

  1. Martijn Malinka (NL) 36 points
  2. Wout Gulden (NL) 28 points
  3. Philippe Bergiers (BE) 26 points

The current standings for the Grand Prix looks like this:

  1. Martijn Malinka (NL) 12 points
  2. Wout Gulden (NL) 10 points
  3. Philippe Bergiers 08 points
  4. Pieter Meert (BE) 06 points
  5. Kees de Vos (NL) 04 points
  6. John Schepers (NL) 03 points
  7. Gunter Vanhamme (BE) 02 points
  8. Geert Verdoodt (BE) 01 point
  9. Stefaan Michils (BE) 01 point
  10. Maarten Leysen (BE) 01 point
  11. Alexander de Almeida (BE) 01 point
  12. Louis Diependaal (NL) 01 point

For all the results please check the International Stratego Ranking at:

EGC goals and the international community

In March EGC will exist 7,5 years. What has been accomplished so far? In 2012 Stavros Sekertzis from Greece came up with the idea to move Stratego towards an Olympic Sport. One year later we helped Greece to connect with the international community. After that EGC focused on Belgium, which has become a flourishing country with tournaments in Flanders and Wallonia. Players visited tournaments in The Netherlands and Belgium in a vivid exchange.

Building an International Stratego Community

In 2019 it looks like that we can make the next step: building a stronger international Stratego Community. During the Team Cup in Breda (The Netherlands) which was held in January, the chairman of the Dutch Federation, mentioned the importance of the International Community for the Dutch.

For example, there participated two German and one Flemish team in the Team Cup this year. In 2018 there was a successful World Championship in Naarden with participants  from 9 countries, as well as the European Team Competition in Brussels, in which participated 12 teams from 5 different countries. There even has been a tournament with 14 players in the United States!

This year there is a lot of support to organise the first international tournament in Switzerland ever in Basel at the end of June. You are all invited! We hope that we can give you more detailed information, soon. Each year we hope to make small steps towards a bigger and stronger International Community.

EGC Grand Prix 2019

Dear Stratego players!

First we would like to thank you for visiting our tournaments in 2018. We welcome you to participate in our events in 2019!

Here are the data of the EGC Grand Prix agenda for 2019:

23 March EGC Flanders Open Tournament

04 May EGC Grand Prix of Wallonia

05 October EGC Dutch Grand Prix

The Grand Prix Final and other tournament details will be announced on a later date. 

EGC Grand Prix Finale 2018 – Brussel Belgium

Saturday 1 December 2018 the Finale of the 2018 EGC Grand Prix was held in Brussel, where on Sunday the European Team tournament would also be held.

In the final round Geert Verdoodt (BE) played a draw versus Phillipe Bergiers. This lead to an interesting ending of the tournament:

Phillipe Bergiers with 3 wins, 2 draws played a deciding round of Barrage vs Dennis Baas (also 3 wins, 2 draws).

Winning this series made Phil the first Belgian player to win the Grand Prix Finale!

Marc Korozmezey won the third prize

European Team Competition

On Sunday there was an international event. The European Team Competition was organised for the first time. There were 12 teams of three people each from Greece, Great Britain, Germany, Flanders, Wallonia and the Netherlands. The strongest players from each country played together in one team in an attempt to become European Champion.

The weaker teams of each country played each other so that they, too, played some exciting games. After five rounds Greece 1 won the tournament, Germany 1 became second, and the Dutch team third. It was a very interesting international tournament which might be an example of where we can go with Stratego! On Monday a number of people visited the European Parliament. Many Thanks to Jonathan Arnott for this initiative!



EGC Grand Prix Finale 2018

All the tournaments in the Grand Prix 2018 have been played. There where tournaments in Flanders, Wallonia, The Netherlands and Basque Country. All the participants gathered points during the year. The final results for this year are available on the Standings page here

The top 16 will be invited as well as the winner of last year’s EGC De Vos Recycling Final. Some players will receive a wild card

We will send out details about the finale in December and invites for the players involved soon.

Rotterdam International Tournament July 2018

The Rotterdam Open Tournament is the fourth event in the EGC Grand Prix. The winner is Pim Niemeijer , although he played a draw in the first round against John Schepers. Wout and Dennis became second. They both had an equal number of points and Buch points and M-Buch points. Because they decided not to play a barrage to determine who is second, and who is third, they shared the number of Grand Prix points they earned this tournament. John Schepers earned 6 points, and is now 5th with 14 points out of two tournaments. Sponsor Kees de Vos gained 6 points, and is now 4th. Markus Lohrer, a player who is frequently visiting the Grand Prix tournaments had a good score of 3 points, giving him 5 points in total. As a result he is almost sure that he will qualify for the Grand Prix Final. This also counts for Maarten Leysen from Flanders . He, too, is now quite sure that he is qualified. Well done!

Breda Grand Prix 2018

This year it is the first time that the tournament in Breda counted for the Grand Prix list. We thank the Dutch Stratego Federation and local Stratego club BSC De Baronnen for this possibility. This way a lot of players are acquainted with the Grand Prix System.

The tournament was won by Pim Niemeijer with 30 points, like Tim Slagboom. However, Tim had 5 Buchpoints less than Pim. Ruling Wold Champion became third with 28 points. The second half of the players played for the Cup Tournament. Marc Korosmezey from Wallonia (Belgium) managed to prolong his title. Local player Theo Gerrits became second, and Markus Lohrer third. Congratulations!

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