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EGC Mission Statement

Thank you for visiting the site of the European Games Commission (EGC)! The EGC is an independent organization that mainly focuses on the development Stratego by organising tournaments in as much countries as possible. Our main focus is on Europe. We would like to build National Stratego Organizations there to reach our main goal: becoming an Olympic sport. To accomplish this, we will need to have official registered Stratego organizations in 18 countries, which will consist of at least 200 players each. Unfortunately, at this moment Stratego is too small to earn official recognition.

To support this idea, we have created the Grand Prix System, which is explained in detail on the site. We are travelling to various countries in small groups, and we are having a lot of fun! EGC likes to cooperate with organizations that are close to us. This also includes (future) sponsors.

The fact that Stratego is not in the name of EGC is because we support other games and game events as well. This way we hope to interest small organizations to cooperate with us, because together we might get international recognition for Stratego as well as for other games. There are organizations that we are cooperating with us. One initiative is undertaken in Ukraine, called Suzyrya. The Hellas Stratego Federation(HFS) has succeeded to integrate Stratego officially in schools. More information of tournaments and initiatives can be found on the separate national pages.

Are you interested in the idea of developing Stratego? Then you are welcome to join us! Please do contact us. For our data, please click “contacts” on the site.
We are looking forward to cooperate with you!

Best regards from the EGC board and its members,

Mark Kunin
Chairman EGC

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