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EGC Grand Prix Finale 2018 – Brussel Belgium

Saturday 1 December 2018 the Finale of the 2018 EGC Grand Prix was held in Brussel, where on Sunday the European Team tournament would also be held.

In the final round Geert Verdoodt (BE) played a draw versus Phillipe Bergiers. This lead to an interesting ending of the tournament:

Phillipe Bergiers with 3 wins, 2 draws played a deciding round of Barrage vs Dennis Baas (also 3 wins, 2 draws).

Winning this series made Phil the first Belgian player to win the Grand Prix Finale!

Marc Korozmezy won the third prize.

More news will follow later



Rotterdam International Tournament July 2018

The Rotterdam Open Tournament is the fourth event in the EGC Grand Prix. The winner is Pim Niemeijer , although he played a draw in the first round against John Schepers. Wout and Dennis became second. They both had an equal number of points and Buch points and M-Buch points. Because they decided not to play a barrage to determine who is second, and who is third, they shared the number of Grand Prix points they earned this tournament. John Schepers earned 6 points, and is now 5th with 14 points out of two tournaments. Sponsor Kees de Vos gained 6 points, and is now 4th. Markus Lohrer, a player who is frequently visiting the Grand Prix tournaments had a good score of 3 points, giving him 5 points in total. As a result he is almost sure that he will qualify for the Grand Prix Final. This also counts for Maarten Leysen from Flanders . He, too, is now quite sure that he is qualified. Well done!

Breda Grand Prix 2018

This year it is the first time that the tournament in Breda counted for the Grand Prix list. We thank the Dutch Stratego Federation and local Stratego club BSC De Baronnen for this possibility. This way a lot of players are acquainted with the Grand Prix System.

The tournament was won by Pim Niemeijer with 30 points, like Tim Slagboom. However, Tim had 5 Buchpoints less than Pim. Ruling Wold Champion became third with 28 points. The second half of the players played for the Cup Tournament. Marc Korosmezey from Wallonia (Belgium) managed to prolong his title. Local player Theo Gerrits became second, and Markus Lohrer third. Congratulations!

World Championship 2018 Naarden (NL) – Pre-invite out

The English version of the pre-invite for the 2018 world championship is now available at the site of the Dutch Strategobond.

The full invite is expected to be released in the next few days.

For lots of information regarding the live world championship (23-26 Aug 2018 Naarden-Vesting, The Netherlands) checkout the forum of popular stratego site T

This forum serves as a place for more information regarding the tournament, for asking question and for touristic information regarding The Netherlands.

First GP Brussel 2018 meets criteria

With 12 players this weekend, the EGC Grand Prix in Brussel (Belgium) did meet the number of participants to keep the GP Status.
Players from Flanders, Wallonia and The Netherlands were present for 5 rounds of Stratego.

In a close tournament field where both Wout Gulden and Anjo Travaille won all their games, Wout managed to win the GP on M-buch points. Anjo got the silver medal.

We would like to thank all players attending here.

A new stratego site went live this week: focusses on Stratego mainly in Flandres, Belgium.

Their front page is one of the nicest Stratego pages I have seen in a long time. Go have a look and check it out 🙂

Content is in Flemish/Dutch and it has instructions for visiting the last Stratego tournament of 2017 at 23 dec: The Cup of Westmeerbeek.

Grand Prix Finale 2017 Antwerp – results

A group of dedicated players that was invited to the Grand Prix, played 6 rounds of Stratego.


During round 5 the winner of the yearly GP Cycle got their cups.

Loris Collart got the nr 1 position, Kees de Vos 2nd and Wout Gulden with only 2 tournaments played managed get 3rd.

In the actual tournament some very nice matches were played.

Pim Niemeijer won the tournament held on the day, with 5 wins and 1 draw. Wout Gulden got the silver and Ruben v.d. Bild got bronze on 2 MBuch points.