Grand Prix

The goal of the Grand Prix system is to connect countries and cities where there are organised Stratego tournaments. Since the number of participants in tournaments is not so large, it is important that players are ready to travel to other tournaments and support each other. This way organisers of tournaments also expierence that it is nice that other than local players are playing in their tournament. In attempt to support this idea we decided to make a separate tournament system in which players can earn points. There are larger tournaments, which have more than 12 participants. They have the status of a Grand Prix, and smaller ones, called Open Tournaments. This is the number of points that can be earned during a tournament:
Grand Prix
01) 16 points
02) 14 points
03) 12 points
04) 10 points
05) 08 points
06) 06 points
07) 05 points
08) 04 points
09) 03 points
10) 02 points

International Tournament
01) 10 points
02) 08 points
03) 06 points
04) 04 points
05) 03 points
06) 02 points 

All other players who played in a tournament will get one point for qualification
For 2017 we are planning to organise the following tournaments
EGC Dutch GP (Rotterdam) 11.03.2017

EGC GP Wallonia (Charleroi) 27.05.2017

EGC Flanders GP (Zingem) 23.09.2017

EGC French International Tournament (Dunkerque) 21.10.2017

EGC Greek International Tournament (Thessaloniki) 19.11.2017

After the French International tournament, we decide who is in the top 16 of the Grand Prix. The reason for this is that the Greek International Tournament is very close to the final, and we would like to invite the qualifiers for the final in time. However, the Greek tournament will be included in the list. The participants who gather enough points for the top 16, will also qualify. All qualifiers will get an invitation for the EGC De Vos Recycling Grand Prix Final, including last years’ winner, Pim Niemeijer. The final will be held on 09.12.2017. We have not yet decided what will be the venue.

Standings Grand Prix 2017


01 Wout Gulden (NL) 16
02 Pim Niemeijer (NL) 14
03 Huib Speksneijer (NL) 12
04 Ruben van de Bilt (NL) 10
05 David Bouten (NL) 08
06 John Schepers (NL) 06
07 Philippe Bergiers (BE) 05
08 Kees de Vos (NL) 04
09 Markus Lohrer (NL) 03

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