Live Activities in Greece

12 June in Athens: seminars for adults and free games

16 June in the Plaza Meteors Area seminars and games with the big 3*3 Stratego Board and 10 tables focused on junior new players


23/24 June at the Shopping Center One Salonica – Westside of Thessaloniki, seminars and games for juniors and adults, games with the 3*3 board and 5 small tables


27/28/29/30 June in Thessaloniki Center seminars for adults and free games.


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NK Barrage 2016 Nijmegen

In a tournament with many big names attending, Pim managed to get his first Barrage title ever. In the final round he was up 10 points against organizer Ruben and managed to keep the difference. Ruben ended second. Last years champion Anjo  Travaille managed to get the Bronze medal, before all time Barrage player Roel Eefting.

Dutch EGC Grand Prix Rotterdam 2016

11 heroes at Dutch Grand Prix

Despite the beautiful weather, this day was the hottest one on this date for many years, 11 players decided to participate in the Dutch Grand Prix in Rotterdam. The location was different from last year.

It is great for organising bigger tournaments. For example, in the future it will be possible to organise a junior event as well. We earlier organised a school tournament in Rotterdam in which participated 7 players. The winner was Francisco van der Lee. On the tournament were two junior players present: Boaz van der Linden and Nick van der Leeden. They had an interesting match, which was decided only in the end of the game in favour of Boaz. Congratulations! In the Dutch Grand Prix Gert-Jan van der Linden played his 2nd Stratego tournament this year. He managed to get 20 rating points on the Kleier list  by defeating the active Grand Prix  player Pieter Torn and ended on an impressive 4th spot in the tournament just behind Belgian Master Phillipe Bergiers. George Franka, who is a top 10 player, was also in Rotterdam.  He got in an impressive draw against Pim Niemeijer in round 2 and had chances to win the tournament until the final round, where he drew again against John Schepers. This way ruling world champion and the leading player on the world ranking, Pim Niemeijer, was able to gather enough points to keep the Rotterdam title for another year.
In the Grand Prix Standings we now have a new leader: Pieter Torn with 24 points. Second is John Schepers with 23 points, and Philippe Bergiers from Belgium is third with 22 points together with Kees de Vos. The next tournament will be the Basque International Tournament, which will be held on July 9. We will send you more information as soon as possible.

Grand Prix Flanders 2016 Gent

April 9 we played the Flanders Open, which was an International Tournament, This was a very well organised tournament. The location was very nice, and the service was even better! Local organiser Piet Declercq gave every participant a warm welcome and offered everyone a cup of coffee or tea. There was also a free lunch, and a piece of cake around tea time. The turnout was good. There where 12 players in total, of which 8 local players, and four Dutch players. One of them was local top player Steven Meyer. As a result the Flanders Open will be promoted to a Grand Prix next year. Congratulations Piet!

The tournament was again very exciting. The winner was Dennis Baas. Although he lost in the first round, the other wins were enough for the final victory. Loris Collart became second with a first round win against Dennis putting him on the top till the last rounds. Loris also made a draw against Steven Meyer but lost against Kees de Vos. Kees got third, despite four wins (like against Loris and Steven), and a draw. Well done! Three players got 28 points. Pieter Torn was the unlucky number 4  and ended outside the podium.

Grand Prix Wallonia 2016 Auvelais

Many Dutch players visited first EGC Grand Prix 2016

The first Grand Prix of the year, the Grand Prix of Wallonia, started in a nice location in the town center, which was arranged by local organiser Loris Collart, and sponsored by the Community of Auvelais. The tournament was attended by 17 players. Four of them were Dutch, and travelled many kilometers to join the tournament once again. It was a very exciting tournament, because the players where very close to each other. There where many draws. For example, Pieter Torn played two draws against the Walloon player Claude de Leener and the National Champion of Belgium, Philippe Bergiers. Philippe even made three draws. Although he won the two other games, this was not enough for the podium, and finished 5th. There game between Pieter and Kees was very close and therefore with a lot of sportive emotions. Pieter was behind, but he still managed to beat Kees by capturing his flag at the end of the game. Okke Oomen won a game against the local top player Fabrizio Lunari. The winner of the tournament was also surprising. With four wins and one draw John Schepers from Breda managed to win the tournament. It did not only deliver him many points, which made him the proud leader in the standings of the Grand Prix, but it is also a nice revenge for the result in Rotterdam last year, in which he was the only player who got no points. Congratulations John!

Upcoming Activity: Basque International Tournament

The next activity on the EGC Grand Prix part of the calendar will be the International Tournament in Basque on 9 July 2016.

Players can get Grand Prix points for playing and winning games in this tournament.

At least 3 people from The Netherlands will travel to this event.

If you want more information about it or might be interested to travel there , please contact

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