Tournaments 2018

Tournament Location Date Invitation Winner Link
EGC Belgian Championships Juniors and Open Flemish Championships Hulshout – BE 18-2-2018
EGC Qualification Tournament Basque Country Bilbao – EU 21-4-2018
EGC Brussels Grand Prix Brussels – BE 5-5-2018
Cup Tournament BSC De Baronnen / Provincial Brabant Championships Breda – NL 23-6-2018
EGC Dutch Open Tournament Schiedam – NL 14-7-2018
EGC Flemish Grand Prix Vorselaar – BE 30-9-2018
 EGC French Open Tournament Dunkerque – France  13-10-2018
 EGC De Vos Recycling Grand Prix Final  Location to be decided  1-12-2018



Tournaments 2017


Tournament Location Date Invitation Winner Link
EGC Dutch Grand Prix Rotterdam (NL) 11-3-2017
EGC Wallonia Grand Prix Charleroi (BE) 27-5-2017
Belgian Championships Online 4-6-2017
Charleroi (BE)  29-4-2017
EGC Open Flanders Championships Vorselaar (BE) 6-5-2017
Cup Tournament BSC De Baronnen Breda (NL) 24-6-2017
Belgian Open Barrage Championships Vorselaar (BE) 22-7-2017
EGC Basque Open Tournament Bilbao (SP) 17-7 or 24/7-2017
20th World Championship Stratego Marmari, Greece (GR) 18 till 20 Aug 2017 Sun, Sea, Stratego
EGC Flandres Grand Prix Vorselaar (BE) 2-9-2017 Date and city have changed! This is the new info
EGC French International Tournament Dunkerque (FR) 14-10-2017   Date has changed! This is the new date
EGC Greek International Tournament Thessaloniki (GR) 19-11-2017
Belgian National Championships Auvelais (BE) Nov 2017
 EGC De Vos Recycling Grand Prix Final Antwerp (BE)  9-12-2017
 Beker van Westmeerbeek Stratego Westmeerbeek (BE) 23/12/2017



Past results 2016


Tournament Location Date Invitation Winner Link
 Grand Prix of Wallonia Auvelais (BE)  12 March 2016 John Schepers  Kleier
Flanders Open International Tournament Gent (BE)  9 April 2016  Dennis Baas  Kleier
Dutch Grand Prix Rotterdam (NL) 7 May 2016  Pim Niemeijer  Kleier
Basque Open International Tournament Bilbao (EU)  9/07/2016  Kees de Vos  Kleier
Kostopil International Tournament Kostopil, Ukraine (FR) 13 Aug 2016
 French Open International Tournament Dunkerque (FR) 24 Sept 2016
 Greek Grand Prix Thessaloniki (GR)  15 Oct  2016
Cup Tournament BSC De Baronnen Breda, Netherlands 22 Oct 2016

Past Results 2015

Tournament Location Date Invitation Winner Link
Athens Open Tournament Athens (GR) 26-2-2015 Spyros Georgakopoulos  Kleier
Wallonian Championships Falisolle (BE) 28-3-2015 Tournament:
Tim Slagboom
Wallonian Champion:
Marc Korosmezey
Barrage Dutch Open Championship Deventer(NL) 10-5-2015  Anjo Travaille  Kleier
Thessaloniki Open Tournament Thessaloniki (GR) 17-5-2015 Charalambos Stanitsas  Kleier
Coupe de Belgique Auvelais (BE)  23-5-2015  Fabrizio Lunari  Kleier
EGC De Vos Recycling Dutch Grand Prix Rotterdam (NL) 11-7-2015  Pim Niemeijer  Kleier
EGC Wallonian Grand Prix Falisolle (BE) 1-8-2015  Pim Niemeijer  Kleier
First World Championship Online Stratego Starting 14-sept 2015, 10 games, 1 match per 2 weeks to be planned
Greek National Championships 27-9-2015 facebook  Stavros Sekertzis  Kleier
EGC Basque Country Grand Prix Bilbao 27-9-2015  Dennis Baas  Kleier
EGC Flanders Grand Prix Antwerp (BE) 10 October 2015 Invite  Pim Niemeijer  Kleier
Belgian National Championships Auvelais (BE) 11 November 2015  Philippe Bergiers  Kleier
EGC French Grand Prix and Open French Championships Dunkerque (FR) 21 November 2015  Vincent de Boer  Kleier
EGC De Vos Recycling Super Prestige (Euro Challenge Final) Rotterdam (NL) 19 December 2015  Wout Gulden  Not ranked

Older results

Tournament Location Date Winner Link
ECG Open Tournament Rotterdam (NL) 20-12-14  Pim Niemeijer Kleier
Belgian National Championships Brussel (BE) 6-12-14  Steven Meyer Kleier
Ukrainian National Championships Kostopil (UA) 22-11-14  Taras Novak(UA) Kleier
Third Open French Championships Caen (FR) 25-10-14  Philippe Bergiers (BE) Kleier
Open Flanders Championships Antwerp (BE) 4-10-14  Tim Slagboom (NL) Kleier
WC Stratego for National Teams Thessaloniki (GR) 31-08-14  Greece
Open Thessaloniki Tournament Thessaloniki (GR) 31-08-14  Dennis Baas (NL) Kleier
WC Stratego Classic Juniors Thessaloniki (GR) 30-08-14  Ioannis Takatinis (GR) Kleier
WC Stratego Classic Seniors Thessaloniki (GR) 29-08-14  Tim Slagboom (NL) Kleier
WC Stratego Barrage Thessaloniki (GR) 28-08-14  Ruben van de Bilt (NL)
WC Stratego Ultimate Lightning Thessaloniki (GR) 28-08-14  Richard Rathcliffe(GB)
Kostopil International Tournament Kostopil (UA) 14-06-14 Kees de Vos (NL) Kleier


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