First Open Belgian Championships Barrage

In July 2017 we organised the first Open Belgian Championships Barrage in Vorselaar. We played on a nice venue, a camping in the woods near the city.

This was made possible again with the help of Maarten and Kirsten. All the players had a great time. Maarten’s neighbours came to the tournament to have a look, and even played a number a games against each other. They left a nice message on Facebook. Loris Collart became the first Belgian Champion in Barrage. Congratulations! He received a nice self-made statue.

After the tournament we had a small discussion about the development of Stratego in Belgium. We would like to organise an event of two days in Charleroi in May next year. The surroundings are nice, so it is worth a visit. We hope that this concept will attract players from abroad as well, like France and Basque Country. We proposed a program for a number of days, like the Walloon GP and a Team Cup so that it is more interesting to travel together and stimulate international exchange.

Standings Open Belgian Barrage Championships

  1. Kees de Vos (NL)
  2. Loris Collart (BE)
  3. Philippe Bergiers (BE)

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