Open Flemish Championships 2017

With the help of new organisers in Belgium, Maarten Leysen and Kirsten De Boeck we have organised a successful tournament in Flanders, called the Flemish Open. There were 14 participants. A big number of them are new players.  This is very good news for Stratego! There were also three players from Wallonia. Two of them became first and second in the tournament. Dutch player John Schepers became third. Like Philippe Bergiers, the coordinator of Stratego, wrote on Facebook: “There was a time that the Dutch were better than the Flemish players, and that the Flemish players were better than the Walloon players. How the time has changed!. Congratulations  to Damien Saverino and Loris Collart!”

Open Flemish Championships

  1. Damien Saverino (BE)
  2. Loris Collart (BE)
  3. John Schepers (NL)
Look for all the results at

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