Open Tournament Flanders meets criteria

Twelve players participated in the Open Flanders Tournament. This means that it has met the Grand Prix criteria for next year. There where seven players from Flanders, and five from the Netherlands. Martijn Malinka won the tournament. He remained undefeated by winning all his games. Local player Philippe Bergiers, who is also the current defending Grand Prix champion, became third. This is the top 3:

  1. Martijn Malinka (NL) 36 points
  2. Wout Gulden (NL) 28 points
  3. Philippe Bergiers (BE) 26 points

The current standings for the Grand Prix looks like this:

  1. Martijn Malinka (NL) 12 points
  2. Wout Gulden (NL) 10 points
  3. Philippe Bergiers 08 points
  4. Pieter Meert (BE) 06 points
  5. Kees de Vos (NL) 04 points
  6. John Schepers (NL) 03 points
  7. Gunter Vanhamme (BE) 02 points
  8. Geert Verdoodt (BE) 01 point
  9. Stefaan Michils (BE) 01 point
  10. Maarten Leysen (BE) 01 point
  11. Alexander de Almeida (BE) 01 point
  12. Louis Diependaal (NL) 01 point

For all the results please check the International Stratego Ranking at: