Provincial Cup Tournament – Brabant NL

In June the Provincial Championships of Brabant (this is a province in the south of the Netherlands)  and the Cup tournament of the local Stratego club in Breda were held. This was a great success! There were 31 players, divided in three groups. In the first group 8 of the best players from the Netherlands were present as well as 9 Belgian players, including two players of the French speaking part of Belgium. Pim Niemeijer won the Provincial Championships, and Marc Korosmezey from Wallonia won the Cup.

Provincial Championships of Brabant

  1. Pim Niemeijer (NL)
  2. Max Roelofs (NL)
  3. Vince van Geffen (NL)
BSC de Baronnen Cup Tournament
  1. Marc Korosmezey (BE)
  2. Jonathan Ooms (NL)
  3. Geert Verdoodt (BE)

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