Rotterdam International Tournament July 2018

The Rotterdam Open Tournament is the fourth event in the EGC Grand Prix. The winner is Pim Niemeijer , although he played a draw in the first round against John Schepers. Wout and Dennis became second. They both had an equal number of points and Buch points and M-Buch points. Because they decided not to play a barrage to determine who is second, and who is third, they shared the number of Grand Prix points they earned this tournament. John Schepers earned 6 points, and is now 5th with 14 points out of two tournaments. Sponsor Kees de Vos gained 6 points, and is now 4th. Markus Lohrer, a player who is frequently visiting the Grand Prix tournaments had a good score of 3 points, giving him 5 points in total. As a result he is almost sure that he will qualify for the Grand Prix Final. This also counts for Maarten Leysen from Flanders . He, too, is now quite sure that he is qualified. Well done!

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