Walloon Grand Prix in Charleroi

This Grand Prix is held in Charleroi for the first time. Local organiser Andre Francq got the disposal of a new venue. It looks very nice from the inside. Andre made the tables himself, and bought chairs. At this moment there could play around 20 players. In the break there were big size Belgian sandwiches for all the players. The turnout was quite good: 16 players. Maarten Leysen invited his family members, 5 people in total. Local new player Georges Tison invited two relatives. There were five new players! The winner of the tournament, Fabrizio Lunari played his second tournament this year. He has been absent for more than a year, but still very strong. Welcome back! Belgian ruling champion, Loris Collart took 14 points for the Grand Prix, and three times Walloon champion Marc Korosmezey earned 12 points. Kees de Vos was the only Dutch participant all the way from Schiedam. We have a number of new players on the Grand Prix list, who might finish in the Top 16: Geert Verdoodt and Didier Collart. Also Maarten Leysen might qualify, if he manages to gather some points during the next Grand Prix tournaments.

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